“One of the things I’ve learned in counseling married couples for over twenty years, is how big of an impact each person’s dating life has on their marriage. The health or dysfunction of dating always makes its way into marriage. There are so many resources in our swipe-right, hook up culture that leave people desperate for intimacy. Crystal uses her own personal experience combined with Godly wisdom to speak through the noise of dating and right to the heart. This book is a valuable resource for anyone trying to honor God as they date.”

Justin Davis
Author, Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough
Founder, RefineUs Ministries


“Christian dating advice too often is aimed at your young 20-something in Bible college. That leaves far too many out of the equation. Dating Done Right helps those who need practical, biblical advice on dating with purpose–stripped of condescension, pat answers, and over-spiritualization.”

Sheila Wray Gregoire
Author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex


“Oh how I wish I had this book twenty years ago. I found my way to Jesus in my late twenties. Traversing the tricky paths of dating after I became a Christian (or even if I should date at all) was challenging at times. This book answers so many practical questions about dating that I remember asking: What is purity culture? What is courting, and is it the only answer? And, how do I handle the waiting… the endless waiting for ‘The One’? Crystal gives solid, clear, and biblical answers to all of these questions and more. I have now been married for twelve years, but I am still able to relate and apply Crystal’s ideas to my own relationship with my husband. But, more importantly, I can apply the encouragement in this book to my relationship with myself. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is wondering how to do life on this planet with a longing for fruitful and honest relationships. And… aren’t we all?”

Dana Bowman
Author and Speaker at MomsieBlog.com


“Dating Done Right is that conversation you should have with a great friend over coffee for months. Crystal hits the high points of dating with authenticness, wisdom and practicality. This is a great read for anyone single or dating.”

Douglas Weiss Ph.D.
Exec. Dir. Heart to Heart Counseling Center


“During my single years, I always thought there was nothing worse than reading advice on singleness and dating from people who got married at 21. What did they know about what I called ‘prolonged singleness?’ As I aged into my late twenties and crossed into my thirties, I began to wonder if I was going to be single forever and, several times, thought of settling. Very few resources out there acknowledged the hard reality of being single when you desperately wanted to get married. This is the book I needed then. Crystal writes from a place of experience not “expertise.” She speaks intentionality and truth into what can be a difficult and lonely journey of waiting and offers practical insight and questions to help move a relationship along. I (finally) got married at 33 and I can tell you that the truths and strategies laid out in this book are vital for the health of a relationship.”

Jessica Harris
Author & Speaker at BeggarsDaughter.com


“Crystal has written a book that EVERYONE should read, whether you’ve never been married, are currently married, or have been divorced. It’s not just another book for singles. It’s a powerhouse of wisdom I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to read as a single woman myself still hopeful for not just marriage, but a healthy marriage. Crystal will take you on a journey of digging deeper into knowing who you truly are in Christ, which is something we all must know before we attempt to find our identities in others. The thought-provoking questions she asks in the book really opened my eyes to some things I didn’t even know about myself and challenged me to continue working on my heart as I seek God in finding the man I want to do life with. A must read!”

Sundi Jo Graham
Author & Speaker at SundiJo.com